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Prestige Credit Hire

Prestige car hire will earn you an even greater rate of commission compared to mainstream cars

Our fleet of replacement vehicles extends beyond mainstream cars. It also includes premium models, everything from two seater sports cars to SUVs and luxurious saloons.

Because we cover a large range of prestige cars including; BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Bentley and Aston Martin, you can reassure your customers that they won’t receive an inferior car whilst their prestige car is being repaired. What’s more, thanks to our swift replacement service, customers will be back on the road quickly in a car that is of a similar standard to their own.

One call does it all

One call to your Personal Account Manager will begin a seamless end-to-end Accident Management process. They will ensure that customers with a prestige vehicle who have been involved in an accident that was not their fault, will receive an unrivalled hire and repair solution.

You will receive a greater rate of hire commission and an enhanced repair rate for prestige vehicles compared to standard cars. Customer loyalty and satisfaction will be guaranteed as all work will be paid for by the third party’s insurer which will mean that there are no costs for them to pay and their no-claims-bonus will be protected.

Whilst you are repairing their car your Personal Account Manager will arrange for a comparable prestige hire car to be delivered to a location that is convenient for your customer with same day delivery where possible.

Key benefits

  • Offer customers a like for like hire vehicle
  • Make one call to your Personal Account Manager
  • Provide your customer with a complete end-to-end service
  • Earn impressive rates of commission
  • Drive customer loyalty through our service
  • Fund costs from the third party insurer
  • Arrange delivery convenient for the customer
  • Provide the best customer experience