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Our Fleet

Conventional Vehicles


AAH DIRECT‘s fleet of replacement vehicles contains every type of mainstream vehicle, so that we can offer your customers the widest selection of cars to meet their needs; everything from superminis to family cars – vehicles which may make up the largest slice of your workload.

So whether your customers drive a super-mini or a full size MPV, you will be confident of being able to offer them a replacement vehicle that will tick all the right boxes.

Performance Vehicles


AAH DIRECT‘s fleet of replacement vehicles extends beyond mainstream and run-of-the-mill cars. It also includes premium performance models: everything from sporty 2-seaters to luxurious saloons. We appreciate that drivers of performance cars will demand the highest levels of service and a vehicle that is up to the task. Our prestige hire service will deliver exactly that and will deliver you the additional rewards worthy of a superior service.

4x4s and MPVs Vehicles


Customers used to the size, practicality and ruggedness of their 4×4 or MPV will ideally want something as similar as possible whilst their own car is being repaired. If the customer deals with their own insurer directly, any courtesy car provided is likely to be much smaller and less powerful than their own car.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to offer your customers a 4×4 or MPV while you are repairing theirs. This is a valuable service that should result in greater custom for your business.

Metered and Licensed Taxi vehicles

Taxi drivers are reliant on their vehicle for their income so a swift replacement is paramount. Taxi drivers involved in non-fault accidents have more of a problem than the average motorist as both they and their vehicle must carry a specific license in order to be able to carry passengers. This means that if their own taxi is off the road due to accident damage they are not allowed to just hop into any car and continue to pick up fares.

In partnership with AAH DIRECT, you will be able to offer them a replacement taxi, complete with metering and radio equipment, within a day of them bringing theirs to you – a valuable service.

Dual Control Vehicles


Driving instructors are highly dependent on the roadworthiness of their vehicles. Due to the dual-control system on their vehicles instructors cannot simply use a different car to continue working. Their livelihood could be drastically affected if their vehicle were to be damaged in an accident that was not their fault and a replacement was not to hand.

When you become a partner of AAH DIRECT‘s you will gain access to our massive fleet of replacement vehicles, which includes instructors’ cars fitted with dual controls.


Not many bodyshops will be able to offer commercial and HGV drivers a replacement vehicle if they bring their own to be repaired. But then again, as an AAH DIRECT partner, your business won’t just be like any other bodyshop. Our unparalleled access to all varieties of vehicle means that we can provide a suitable lorry or van to suit the needs of your commercial driver customers, even if they need a specialised model such as one with a refrigerated load bay.


AAH DIRECT’s fleet of like-for-like replacement vehicles, available to all members of their bodyshop partnership scheme, includes a diverse range of motorcycles.

Whether they ride a scooter, a moped, a city bike, a stripped out racer or a lazy low-rider, we’ll be able to offer your customers what they need.