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Credit Repair

All repair costs are met by the party at fault for the accident

From cars and bikes to HGVs and trucks, you can work smarter not harder with our Credit Repair service. Our credit repair service is designed to maximise vital cash flow for Marketing Partners whilst increasing their repair volumes and profitability. Our goal is to ensure that your customer is affected as little as possible as a result of their non-fault accident and to support you in delivering the very best customer experience.

Your Personal Account Manager will arrange for independent engineers to promptly authorise non-fault repairs which will be paid for by the third party’s insurers. You can work on the vehicle knowing that you are receiving a superior hourly rate based on opinion times, and that invoices will be settled quickly.

By providing outstanding customer service we will actively promote greater customer satisfaction which will in turn help your own customer retention.

Great benefits for you

  • Retain more repair work
  • Better hourly labour rates
  • Engineer’s report in 48hrs
  • Jobs based on opinion times
  • Invoices settled fast
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty